Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Community Solar Gardens? Below we've attempted to answer the most common questions we get. If you still have any concerns, fill out the form below. Or, give us a call at 612-345-7188

How does the membership application process work? 

Becoming a member is easy. To start, fill out the form below and a Novel Energy Solutions team member will contact you to help finish the application process and answer any questions you may have. Next, we'll help you fill out and electronically sign two documents, the Solar Subscription Agreement to reserve your spot in the garden, and an Xcel Agency Agreement to make sure you receive solar credits on your monthly utility bill.

Novel will follow up to confirm when you’re signed up, review monthly credit processing, and you’ll receive a personalized login to an online solar subscription account. 

Will my utility provider change? 

As a subscriber you will experience no change in how you receive your electricity. You will however, receive a bill-credit from Xcel based on your portion of the energy produced by the CSG.

Why should I subscribe? 

Subscribing is an easy way to save approximately 10% on your energy costs while supporting 100% clean energy.  In addition to supporting a cleaner environment you are also supporting local jobs; Novel Energy Solutions is Minnesota-owned and operated, employs over 150 people in Minnesota, and is growing rapidly.

What if I want to cancel? 

A subscriber is eligible to take advantage of the bill credits for up to 25 years, as that is how long the program is guaranteed with Xcel. However, NES has very flexible terms so just give us proper notice and once we find a replacement subscriber you can cancel at any time without penalty. With the benefits of this program however, and the fact that you are never in danger of losing money with your subscription, this is not a common request. 

What if I move? 

Your subscription is flexible and can be transferred to your new location if you are moving within the CSG’s service territory. Simply notify us that you are moving, and we will work with Xcel to update your subscription information. If you are moving outside of the CSG’s service territory or Xcel territory, you will no longer be eligible to receive bill credits. In either case we require two months’ notice to transfer or cancel your subscription.

How much will I save? 

A subscription for the average household using 12,500 kWh can save an estimated $125 annually.  Each year the solar garden will be generating clean, renewable energy. The energy that the average subscription produces in the first year is equivalent to 994 gallons of gasoline consumed, or 21,931 miles driven by a standard, gas-powered car. It’s good for your wallet and good for our planet! 

What is a community solar garden?

A Community Solar Garden (CSG) is a large solar array that feeds solar-generated electricity into Xcel’s power grid. Subscribers to the CSG earn credits to their Xcel utility bill even though the CSG is not located on their property. When you subscribe to a CSG, you will immediately be supporting 100% clean energy while cutting your electricity costs by approximately 10%.