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Town of Ashland

Help launch clean energy in your community.

You’re invited to join the

Novel Energy Community Solar Garden

  • Support your community

  • Positively impact the environment

  • Lower your energy costs

A better future awaits.

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Cyr Martin

The Town of Ashland has had a wonderful opportunity offered to us by joining with Novel Energy Solutions/Join Solar, to get a discount on our electricity for the Town of Ashland electric usages on Town owned buildings. Not only are we saving money, but we are attempting to support a greener more carbonless form of power. Our goal as a society is to move to a type of existence that does not harm our atmosphere or our planet. I highly recommend that all residents contact Join Solar and join as a partnership to reduce your power usage bills as well.

Cyr Martin

Town Manager

Town of Ashland

Novel Energy Community Solar Garden

This Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of

159,487 gallons of gas consumed

783 tons of coal burned

250 homes of energy used per year

By the numbers


2.0 Megawatts


Coming Soon



Year built


What is a Community Solar Garden?

The benefits of solar at no cost to you

Do I need to put anything on my roof?


Nothing! In a nutshell, community solar offers a way for virtually anyone to go solar without installing solar panels on their roof or their property. Membership to the garden is free, but limited to only a certain number of households in the area.

As a subscriber, you will experience no change in how you receive your electricity.

Will my utility provider change?


Lower energy bills

Save money and support renewable energy in your local community. Save money and support renewable energy in your local community.

This community garden will produce enough energy to power over 210 homes. As a member, you get the benefits of solar energy without the cost of traditional solar panels.

Support clean energy

Positively impact the earth

By joining a community solar garden, you reduce demand for fossil fuels, save money, and shrink our collective carbon footprint.