Join the Novel Energy Community Solar Farm

Are you a Maine Public District customer? If so, save 10% on your energy bill while helping develop clean energy in your community.

A better future awaits.

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Membership is now open for a limited time.

Novel Energy Solutions is building community solar farms that are located in Aroostook county and/or the following towns: Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Mapleton, Ashland, Frenchville, and Mars Hill. Anyone within Versant Maine Public District can subscribe to the 2 megawatts of solar energy being built. That’s enough renewable energy to power 250 homes.

Together we are working with Versant Power to provide cheaper energy solutions to northern Maine residents. This is an exclusive offer to join now and support the local economy, farmers who leased their ground, and stabilize the electric grid.

This Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of

159,487 gallons of gas consumed

783 tons of coal burned

250 homes of energy used per year

By the numbers


2.0 Megawatts





Year built



Novel Energy Solutions

Novel Energy Solutions, founded by a 5th generation Minnesota family farmer in 2012, is a family-owned national solar energy company headquartered in Minnesota. Novel's goal is to help communities realize the savings and benefits of clean solar power.

Launch Partners

These local businesses are helping us launch this community solar garden.

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The benefits of solar at no cost to you

Do I need to put anything on my roof?


No! In a nutshell, community solar offers a way for virtually anyone to go solar without installing solar panels on their roof or their property. You get all of the benefits of clean energy without having to install anything at your home, property, or business.

As a subscriber, you will experience no change in how you receive your electricity.

Will my utility provider change?


Lower energy bills

Members see a guaranteed savings of 10% on their monthly energy bills. That will equate to thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the solar garden.

Support clean energy

This community garden will produce enough energy to power over 250 homes. As a member, you get the benefits of solar energy without the cost of traditional solar panels.

Combat climate change

By joining a community solar garden, you reduce demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink our collective carbon footprint.