What is
community solar?

Rooftop solar isn’t accessible or realistic for 80% of households, but anyone can participate in community solar. Solar energy is an abundant, clean resource that you and your neighbors can harness for the good of the climate.

How it works

Join up

You and your neighbors join forces to jumpstart your local community solar garden.

Soak up the sun

Your community solar garden harvests renewable energy from the sun.

Power the grid

Clean, local energy is fed to the grid that powers your home.

Save money

Earn credit towards your electricity bill based on how much energy the community solar garden produces. Most members save 10% annually on electricity bills.


Will my utility provider change?

As a subscriber, you will experience no change in how you receive your electricity.

Do I need to put anything on my roof?

No! In a nutshell, community solar offers a way for virtually anyone to go solar without installing solar panels on their roof or their property. You get all of the benefits of clean energy without having to install anything at your home, property, or business.  

It seems too good to be true—how is it free?

It is true and it is free! You are guaranteed savings. Each month you will receive a bill credit from Xcel based on the total kwh’s your % of the garden produced for that month. (The bill credits are published and they are guaranteed for the duration of the program.) The next month you will pay the solar garden operator (Novel Energy Solutions) $.01/kWh less than the value of your bill credit for that same amount of energy—guaranteeing savings! You also have no ownership, no hassle, or risk in the garden. It is a win-win for everyone!

Find a solar garden near you

Ready to go solar? Below is a list of community-powered solar gardens currently being built.
Membership is limited so apply soon.

Join the Alexandria Community Solar Garden

The Alexandria Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of 29,240 gallons of gas consumed, 130 tons of ...

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Join the Cold Spring Community Solar Garden

The Cold Spring Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of 62,530 gallons of gas consumed, 280 tons of...

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Join the Dakota Community Solar Garden

The Dakota Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of 167,074 gallons of gas consumed, 818 tons of coa...

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Join the Glenwood Community Solar Garden

The Glenwood Community Solar Garden will produce the energy equivalent of 61,490 gallons of gas consumed, 280 tons of co...

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